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Adventure Loving Student Goes For New Record

Motorcycle enthusiast and UB graduate student Umarfaruk Chhipa is trying to get a Guiness World Book of Records entry by being the fastest at circling the globe on a motorcycle. The Masters of Computer Science student traveled alone on his Yamaha Virago 535-cc bike through 16 countries last fall, beginning in Frankfurt and - via London - ending in Delhi. He is claiming to be the fastest motorcyclist to make this trek, covering 5,637 km in 9 days - a claim the Guiness people are now verifying.
"I did this trip for the thrill of the adventure, that's why I didn't get any corporate sponsors. I used my own money, about $25,000 so far," Umarfaruk explained. When asked where he slept most of the time he replied, "I didn't really sleep much, I just curled up on the bike and took naps."
Apart from a major road accident in Turkey in which he was injured - but continued to press on nonetheless - Umarfaruk said his trip was enjoyable and satisfying, with many acts of kindness extended to him throughout his journey.
"I would enter a country, buy a road map and decide the route. That's adventure. When you deliberate over everything, the thrill and spontaneity is lost," Umarfaruk said. "As soon as I get more money saved, I will continue the journey from Delhi, across Russia, into Alaska and across the US. Perhaps in two years."

For more info, go to http://www.umarfaruk.com

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